Now or Never

Recently, it was declared that New Delhi, capital of India has reached an all time high in air pollution and Diwali hasn’t even come yet. This highlights the ever worsening situation of pollution, not just in our country but the world too. The time of blaming governments for not taking the initiative to ‘fix up’ … More Now or Never

Threats & Security

For many days, I’ve asked many of my friends, classmates, family and other acquaintances the question,”What pops up first into your head when you think of the word Threat?” and the second question,”What about Security? What comes in your head then?” Take a moment and ask yourself these questions and then continue reading. If your … More Threats & Security

India Strikes Back

Days after the attack on the Uri command post in Jammu & Kashmir by ‘terrorists’ who were allegedly from Pakistan which had led to the loss of 19 valuable soldiers of our defense forces, India has retaliated at the perpetrators by striking hard at the enemy. A surgical strike which was carried out 2kms inside … More India Strikes Back